MORE Coaching

The MORE holistic coaching program emphasizes both personal and professional growth. Coaching gives opportunities for collaboration, goal achieving, and problem solving. Coaching is task oriented meaning it focuses on concrete tasks and skill development and is performance driven with emphasis on enhancing current skills or acquiring new skills.

While our coaching model takes inspiration from coaches such as Eric Thomas and John Maxwell, our coaching design focuses on pneuma-the spirit, and uses a 7A Formula:

1A: Analysis—Partner will meet one on one with a coach to determine priority needs

2A: Attitude—Adjust your attitude and change your mindset

3A: Aim—Develop SMART short, mid, and long range goals and create a vision

4A: Action steps—Take action! Move closer to the goal you have through attainable steps

5A: Accountability—What can you do to stay on track? How can you monitor your progress?

6A: Adjustment—Make alterations for a period of time that will get you closer to your goal

7A: Affirmation—Celebrate your accomplishments and progress

The failure to invest quality time, money and effort into your own personal growth and becoming more will eventually exclude you from the opportunities that the future holds. Your best and most profitable investment is the one you make in yourself to be MORE. With MORE coaching we will work together to reflect and develop an IRA—Identify issues, take Responsibility, Action plan using some of the following questions:

  1. In what areas of my life have I settled for less than the best? Why?
  2. What can I do to improve in these areas?
  3. How will I accomplish this improvement?
  4. What roadblocks have hindered my goals and aspirations?
  5. Why have these roadblocks become bigger than my goals?
  6. How will I approach my goals differently in order to achieve them?

MORE Coaching wants to help you unlock your hidden potential and creative genius and embolden you to be more.