Motivating Others to Reach Excellence

MORE is the brainchild of CEO Anthony Q. Knotts, an idea born from a passion for ministry and marketplace. Your current mindset cannot carry you to your next dimension in life; otherwise, you would already be there! MORE seeks to expand your thinking so that you can be, have, and do more. The mission of MORE is to Motivate Others to Reach Excellence by promoting holistic developmentā€”mental, spiritual, social, and financial, by:

  • Offering personal, business and financial coaching,
  • Encouraging full financial freedom through entrepreneurship,
  • Developing an entrepreneur mindset, and
  • Purposefully recording, rehearsing, and reviewing your goals

MORE understands that your life is your business and your main business is your life. In order to maintain your own advantage in life and be MORE, you must make continuous improvement a main priority. Three things every entrepreneur needs to know before starting out is to:

  1. Get in the right mindset.
  2. Establish fair expectations.
  3. Make progress with small steps.

Developing a MORE mentality involves learning from adversities, harnessing the power of adversities, and not letting them control your life. This entrepreneurial mentality also holds fast to the premise that every problem has a solution.

MORE seeks to encourage you to invest in yourself, generate the strategies and the energy necessary for the achievement of your goals, remain limitless, and understand that you can Be, DO and Have MORE in life.